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Helicopter rescue training program

I am participated Helicopter rescue training program
near Sapporo the other day.

Training rescue by helicopter.

This is Daisetsu No.2 (13 people)

This flys,hovers and hoists!

This helicopter seems to be able to do everything but
it can't fly in bad weather and sometimes has mecanic problem.
So don't overestimate it and they use helicopter only for real emergency.
Ski safely and go back home without any problem.


We had a lecture about mountain accidents.
1) Increasing number of accident evry year.
2) Most of them are 20s and 30s
3) Many get lost in mountain or the avalanche

Don't take risk even you feel like it.
It's difficult to reduce number of accident
but take it seriously.

Ask for rescue as soon as possible for Hypothermia patient.

For someone who helped me or someone who couldn't survive.
I never practice because I am always doing my best.

These are some of what I learned that day.
It was realy good lecture.
I came to this lecture to make myself winter feeling
but it made me watch the reality.

What I'm doing for work and play is always has risk.
This is what they made me think about.

Thank you.

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Ski,Snowboard and Telemark rentals.The best deal in Niseko.Free delivery and pick up service from your accommodation.Office is located in heart of Niseko,juts 3 minutes walk from Seicomart.NOASC Rentals will fit you and/or your family out with high quality equipement at very competitive prices.

SKI/SNOWBOARD RENTAL set starts from 3,480 yen a day!!!!!

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First snow shoe tour in this winter

We had group of American school in Tokyo and took them to Hangetsu lake for
snow shoe tour.
The weather was totally different from Tokyo and they were so excited!!!


Hangetsu lake is located in foot of Mt.Yotei

This is the sign to Hangetsu lake.Hangetsu means half moon....、、、、半月湖スノーシュー1

We had great time!

Hey,this is not beach.

We had seafood barbecue lunch and
they realy had good time.
We hope to see you again.
Thank you!!!!

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How to help Japan


NOASC and Outdoor Travel Japan appreciate your kind offer of donation to Japan.
We support your disaster relief efforts to help those people affected by
the earthquake and tsunami in Japan through the Japanese red cross society.

Name of Bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Name of Branch: Ginza
Account No.: 8047670 (Ordinary Account)
Payee Name: The Japanese Red Cross Society, Donation for Japan earthquake/tsunami
Payee Address: 1-1-3 Shiba-Daimon Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN

Please access to the following website for detail.

You can help to make a difference by donating.
We are appreciated it if you take action now.

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First of all, we would like to say thank you to all people who worried our safety.

All of NOASC staff and our families are fine, no one has got injuries.

Here in Niseko, we've got some weak earthquakes in the afternoon on 11th March, and here is in mountain area, so that we have not got flood with a tsunami.
Japan has biggest damages by earthquakes and the subsequent tsunami mostly north-east Japan.

Flight schedules at Shin-Chitose airport are almost on time except all flights cancelled to/from Sendai and Iwate-Hananomaki airport in serious disaster area.

Japan have got global disaster relief teams. We hope that more people will be rescued as quick as possible.
We pray for the repose of all victims.

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