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First of all, we would like to say thank you to all people who worried our safety.

All of NOASC staff and our families are fine, no one has got injuries.

Here in Niseko, we've got some weak earthquakes in the afternoon on 11th March, and here is in mountain area, so that we have not got flood with a tsunami.
Japan has biggest damages by earthquakes and the subsequent tsunami mostly north-east Japan.

Flight schedules at Shin-Chitose airport are almost on time except all flights cancelled to/from Sendai and Iwate-Hananomaki airport in serious disaster area.

Japan have got global disaster relief teams. We hope that more people will be rescued as quick as possible.
We pray for the repose of all victims.

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I am glad the earthquake is not so bad there. In Nagano, we do not have damage in south, but north. I hope all your families and friends are safe and the nuclear power plant is safe, too!!

| kaori | 2011/03/13 14:26 | URL |

Re: No title

Kaori, thank you for your comment.
Most Japanese madia mainly focus on diserster area in north-east of Japan, but we know there are over 1,500people in Nagano still stay at emergency shelters and Niigata also has terrible disasters.

Our fears spread to how many victims we have to have in whole area eventually.
Just hope more survivors will be rescued as quick as possible otherwise they will be chilled at night.

We have many cheers from the world which make us stronger.
Now we should think and do something to the people in whole disaster area.
If you have any idea what NOASC can do, please let us know.
Hope together they will have peace in their mind soon.

| NOASC | 2011/03/15 11:21 | URL |