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Back Country in Chisenupuri&Nitonupuri

『Amazing!Great weather!!』

Today was a perfect backcountry Tour

This is a today's special full corse

appetizer is「Chisenupri」It's wide range you can feel free!

main dish is「Nitonupuri」Great powder snow and great view,tree runs、you can enjoy taste.

and 「Yukichichibu Hotspring」for dessert you can rest your tired body

Please enjoy the full course!

Good weather and not windy

you can see「Japan sea」「Touya lake」「Mt.Usu (733m)

view from top of Mt.Chisenupuri1134m
N 10.12.30 BC (18)

Rocky and Jully from Australia!N 11.01.27 BC (4)N 11.01.27 BC (21)

N 11.01.27 BC (129)

Wow see the great view.
N 11.01.27 BC (19)

N 11.01.27 BC (22)

N 11.01.27 BC (75)

N 11.01.27 BC (36)
N 11.01.27 BC (38)

It's lunch time
N 11.01.27 BC (137)

It's closing the road in winter season here.Do you know how high the snow?
N 11.01.27 BC (142)

Next is maindish
N 11.01.27 BC (72)

You can see Mt.Chise behind now.N 11.01.27 BC (144)

We did it!On top of Mt.Nito at 14:15.
N 11.01.27 BC (146)

And we enjoyedhotspring。also nice to rest at day time in Onsen.
N 11.01.27 BC (148)

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