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Located in Hokkaido`s Niseko. NOASC is a outdoor adventure company and here is our Blog. This blog will allow readers to find out what is happening with NOASC and its upcoming events and activities.



NOASC Backcountry Tour Guide profile No.3, "Yo"

He is Mr.NOASC.

All of our guests can not forget him, because he is very impressive person.

He is very funny, and very good snowboarder.

Look at these shots!



WoW! He's got it!

He is most skillful guide in NOASC.

And also very friendly, so that he is a proffessional smile maker

Always it's happen all of his guests were all smiles.

He seems to be enjoying much more than his guests???

Indeed! No fun, No work!

In the evening, he also works at our Mongolian styele BBQ restaurant

He is left in this picture.

He loves two dogs in his family.


Light brown one is Sudachi and dark one is Kuma.
They are pretty cute.

Take his backcoutry tour and go to NISEKO SO-AN for apres backcountry ski!
This would be a perfect day to spend time with Yo.

Now we offer you Spring special price for backcountry tours.

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NOASC Backcountry Tour Guide profile No.2, "Isshi"

Isshi, is one of our backcountry guide who is totally mountain guy.

He loves spending time within nature.
And he is having fun while he is hiking up on the Mr Yotei, even for some hours.


It's because, he's known he will have good snow after all.

Look at this

Look at this

Look at this


This must be a perfect day to him.

Blue sky and fresh powder snow

What else do you need in winter???

If you want to have a such an awesome day, join NOASC backcountry tours
Click here right now!!!

He is a guide for rafting tours too.

This is NOASC special "Winter Rafting"


Isshi is in the center with blue jacket.

He loves mountains and rivers too.

He is quiet, but we always feel how much he loves nature from his words.

Come to take our tours and of course to see him to chat with.

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NOASC Backcountry Tour Guide profile No.1, "TP"

There is too many people making queues to take chair lifts on the ski hill.
Are you one of them?
Don't waste your time for making lines if you have enough physical fitness.

Why don't you go backcountry with NOASC?

February is perfect month
for backcountry tours.
We've got much snow on the mountains even at high altitude.


It is totally different world from crowded ski hill.
Threre is no line-up. Just fresh powder snow without any tracks.
You just hear your breathing.

You may see some foot prints of wild life.

He is the one of wild life in Niseko.
This species is common in this area.
We see him sometimes in the forest during winter season.
His favorite food is fresh fine powder snow.


When he has seen fresh snow on the mountain, he is always smiling so happily.
I suppose he is feeling just like he is in heaven.

Look at his face!

Yes, absolutely!
Here is powder heaven, that's why these kind of species are still existing.

And we are surrounded by these georgeous mountains.

He's eating plenty fresh powder snow to stuff himself with the snow.
Look at his starving face!
But he knows he will have much powder snow soon.
That's why he is smiling.


He is powder snow eater.

We call him "TP".
Sometimes call him "P-chan" in Japanese.


Because he is a Toxic Powder snow eater, or rider...maybe.


He is a rafting guide also in summer.
mmm...Let's say he is Thrilling Professor!

He will take you to his favorite backcountry area.
Just follow him, you will have a great day with pow.
Join his tours!

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Introduce Noasc Guide Part 2

I'm gonna introduce NOASC guide

Everyone ware waiting for us!

It's time of「Introduce Noasc Guide」

Today's Guide from Nepal


N 11.01.02 WR PM (76)
We call「Basan」

He love Japan and his Japanese is realy good.

He speak Japanese like Japanese.

Sometimes we suprise because he know about Japanese so much.

He also can speak English,Hindi,Nepali.

Snow shoe tourSnowboard lesson・Rafting(Summeralsowinteralso)can do
N 10.05.15 RFT TB (40)

He is superguide
N 10.12.27 WR AM (16)

He eating "Natto" in morning.

N 10.12.11 WR PM (25)

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